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Some Points you Should know about Instagram

The Instagram is a popular mobile social application and whilst one social networking service that allows downloading and sharing photos and videos. He became known thanks to the photo filters, and now has filters and video, as well as many other tools user-friendly.

The Instagram belongs on Facebook, with the acquisition have been held in April 2012 as against 1 billion dollars.

In total there are over 200 million registered users who have uploaded over 20 billion. Photos, upload daily over 60 million. Photos and make daily over 1.6 billion likes to photos and videos.

How to connect to Instagram

The Instagram has apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Primarily, the previous applications are used, but there is also the, through which users can connect from a computer or mobile device, having limited functionality.

How does Instagram;

Each user has their own profile, which can enrich photo profile, resume, link (to a site) etc. By default, each profile is public to view, like photos and videos, which can be changed via the settings.

In Instagram there are no friendships. Conversely, it does the philosophy of followers, ie each user follows whoever wants users, followed by those interested in its content. Following users, photos and videos are displayed through the home screen of the user.

Each user can use the camera mode application, so you grab a photo or video (maximum of 15 seconds) and then proceed to treatment through the various filters and tools. There is also a choice of old photographs and videos from the device memory. Instagram account hack

The uploading photos and videos is only possible through mobile devices rather than by computer. Since computer one can see his profile, the home page with pictures and videos of what follows, which can make like and leave a comment, or make follow new users.

As understood, each photo or video receiving likes and comments, since it is not possible for pictures notification, either for download (download). Each user has a profile of its own content. Of course, there are third party applications which either allow the download, or disclosure of photos, called the repost.

The Instagram supports the operation of hashtags, grouping photos and videos on specific topics, as well as the tagging operation, adding users tagged photos, and running personal messages.

Finally, the application has good features for exploring new photos and videos. Except for hashtags, there is a separate option “Explorer” with photos and videos that are either popular worldwide have either commented or accept like those followed by the user. There are also updates which testify to the activity of those who follow.

Reasons why Used Office Furniture is Ideal for a Business

In the era of today where money is vital, one is required to spend it astutely. If you are thinking of purchasing pre-owned furniture for your business yet uncertain if it is a decent decision or not, here are five reasons why used office furniture is perfect for your business.


You just began a business

To proficiently dispense assets is one of the primary worries of any starting business with constrained capital. With the rare availability of assets, purchasing new furniture won’t not be the best choice as it does not directly contribute to the development of the business. Obtaining utilized office furniture is only the most secure alternative for you can assemble your office with an extremely constrained spending plan.


You have priorities

It wouldn’t astonish to see office furniture included at the base of the rundown when posting the beginning needs of the business. It, as a rule, gets the offer of whatever is left of the capital after all the important things are tended to. At the point when spending plan is too little, there is no reason to get new furniture when you can have the same quality and usefulness from utilized office furniture?

You originated from a practical upbringing

When you have originated from a family that supports reasonable living, there’s a probability that you will reuse and spare cash. Indeed, being logical is a lifestyle and will offer your business some assistance with progressing as you get the chance to spare more cash for essential things your business will require. Furthermore, used office furniture comes fit as a fiddle and quality yet are sold far below the cost of the new furniture and you can save some money.

You need to support green living

You know how utilized things heap up so quick in a store room, and you needed to minimize the cutting of trees and handling of woods to create new furniture. Along these lines, you need to spare earth from getting bare and from dumping on us the impact of our imprudence. When you buy of previously used office furniture, you spare cash and are adding to the welfare of the earth. If this is something you need to reinforce or do, then purchasing utilized office furniture is perfect for you.


You accept there is gold in utilized things

A lot of organizations dump furniture from their office for various reasons. This could be because they are redesigning their office surrounding; they are closing up, or they had originally purchased the wrong furniture. You pay just a portion of the original cost, and you get the same excellence, quality, and additional usefulness.


Obtaining utilized office furniture lets organizations and associations save as much as 60% on the expenses of outfitting their workplaces. If this huge sparing is something that pulls you or is something you need to take advantage, then you should consider buying used office furniture. Get the right shop to sell the furniture that may be old yet quality.

Fifa 16 Best Tips

Tip # 1: With Real to victory

Whoever wants to be successful in FIFA 16, needs a successful team. January swears by Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, in his opinion, the strongest squad extensive team pool of the new FIFA. In particular, the royal Spaniards have done to him, Cristiano Ronaldo is simply hard to beat the storm. Generally important are running strong offensive player that can prevail in head duels.


Tip # 2: you parking on right, man!

Almost as important as the choice of the team, is the right strategy. January recommends the establishment of “4-5-1 wide”. The turns out to be in the game as 4-2-3-1. The two defensive midfielders provide stability and help defend. In attack, we pull it forward and thus ensure superiority in midfield.

Are we playing with Real’s Cristiano Ronaldo booked for Jan as a striker. He is prolific as Karim Benzema and may his final strength in the middle bring better used than on the flank, where FIFA 16 placed him by default.


Tip # 3: In peace lies strength

The “Long Ball” has had its day. In FIFA 16 in particular the central defender acts the defense, much better. Simple, quick passes in the run have little prospect of success. Therefore, in January recommends: Stay calm! Lieber back playing the ball as it unnecessarily losing by a hasty action. Using the two 6 in playmaking and pull apart the defense by a clever shift to the wings instead. For long passes with secure ball players of strong new passport does a good job (RB and A on the Xbox pad). Excellent for a quick game.


Tip # 4: Free running Free running, free running!

In Passstaffetten between offensive players always press the freewheeling button (LB). So our players back ever further in the direction of the opponent’s penalty area. Sometime arises already the gap. Then a pass. A shot. And there’s the thing.


Tip # 5: Tricks are for informers

Tricks and skill moves uses Jan Zimmermann rarely. He relies on a rather clever build-up play. To leave against 1 opponent in 1, he only needs the simple step-overs and the feint shot. Everything else is nonsense.


Tip # 6: The perfect cross – eye on the striker

Goals by flanks are not rocket science, just a matter of the right timing. Therefore, do not look at the January storms along on the sidelines on the ball carrier (but please do not run off), but the striker in the penalty area. A defense Hühne snuggles closely to our attackers an edge is almost synonymous with the loss of the ball. If our header strong striker (about Cristiano Ronaldo) but with some distance between the central defenders that’s perfect. The first defender makes the ball, the second is in the back of our striker. And who then einzunetzen all possibilities.

Waits our top scorer at the near post before two defensive players, a flat edge on offering (three times press the X button).


Tip # 7: The right conclusion

The one shot that always ends up in the net, there is not in FIFA 16th With the right conclusion, we increase the chances of a goal but drastically. For simple statements on goal Jan Zimmermann focuses on the normal full chip shot (B).

Searching through our strikers alone on the goalkeeper, a placed shot (RB and B) is recommended into the far corner. If the keeper dare too far out of the gate, we can put the conclusion in short Eck.


Tip # 8: The 6 defended

In January of defense works primarily with the defensive midfielders. Even if an opponent slips times over, he takes better with the 6 chase, instead of the central defender rauszuziehen. Those who do, namely, tearing gaping holes in their own defense. In pursuit shirt pulling (B) is a legitimate means to thwart the attacker – even if this results in a foul.


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Safety in Woodworking Projects Workshop for Everyone

These are rules that must be followed to the letter, and reporting a security environment in the work area.


Then the following rules:

  1. The use of tools-machines can only be done with the permission of the teacher and under his direct observation while doing your woodworking projects.
  2. The tools that are done working must be returned immediately to your site.
  3. Each student or group of students kept clean and tidy your workplace collecting all or leftover materials no longer in use.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to make jokes or games in the classroom or lab, because that implies a high risk of accident while executing your woodworking projects/plans/ideas.
  5. All persons working with the drill or saw electric jigsaw must do so provided with protective glasses and hair short or tied, and never near a source of water.
  6. To use the tinker permission and teacher presence is required, and have to wear glasses and protective gloves.
  7. To use the glue gun thermal fuse is necessary to use protective goggles and gloves.
  8. Any person who for one reason or another have an accident in the classroom-workshop, however small it may be, should immediately inform the teacher.
  9. carry bench seats to the area of ​​manual work in the classroom-workshop is prohibited.
  10. Banks get on tables in the classroom-workshop is prohibited.
  11. Having lowest possible noise level on your woodworking projects workspace area.
  12. It is forbidden to smoke and eat on site.
  13. Do not use inside the premises radios, tape recorders and cell
  14. Save in lockers located within the area of ​​the workshop all the elements that are not essential to their work in the workshop.
  15. You should always carry and use personal protective elements necessary for each job in the machine shop, such as: (gloves, masks, masks, goggles, ear cap, bibs, etc.
  16. Plan the work and request the proper tools at certain times for this activity.

Dungeon Boss triche et hack

A propos de Dungeon Boss


Dungeon Boss a été l’un des meilleurs jeux de nos jours, depuis un peu aujourd’hui et nous comprenons que beaucoup de gens aiment jouer. Personnes Néanmoins, bien que la sécurité a été ajoutée qui sont nombreux mais la tricherie dans le jeu et en ajoutant trésors 100% gratuit. Nous avons choisi d’avoir un regard et faire de notre recherche qui est propre à la façon dont vient de piratage de Dungeon Boss est devenu si facile. D’abord, vous devez savoir qu’il a été autour depuis un mois seulement qui sont peu et maintenant nous pensons que votre site Web qui ici est le responsable du site web associé avec le patron de la cellule de la taille de piratage. La raison pour laquelle nous pensons que cela est principalement pour chacun d’eux mais dans un autre part cela peut ajouter de la stabilité si nous avons tous les crédits illimités parce que nous avons maintenant essayé aussi cela fonctionne malheureusement si les joueurs qui ne seront pas utilisée, elle doit un moment difficile et nous actuellement sentir triste.


En ce qui concerne le hack de Dungeon Boss


Vraiment, voici ce que vous devez savoir à propos de cette “tricher” cela est certainement populaire “hack” qui est arrivé au premier de 2015. Nous pouvons citer à partir de leur site “Le Dungeon boss hack / triche a été programmé en C ++ et Javascript rendant tout à fait simple à mise à niveau automatique sans les besoins par l’individu. Il propose des prises l’équipe qui est des mois entiers et 6 fois le rendant complètement functionable (oui, nous comptons chaque jour). ». Au début, nous pensons performedn’t chose qui est telle dans le long terme, nous avons vu de sorte qu’il fonctionne bien. Sur la page “sur nous” nous sommes en mesure de voir qu’il est une équipe de 6 étudiants effectuant tout le efforçons de produire ces tricheurs qui peut être travaillé. Nous saluons tous par la voie pour le travail cela est certainement difficile semble s’installer, leurs logiciels fonctionnent.

Par conséquent vous allez à tricher a Dungeon Boss jeu en ligne ou jouer cool et simple et accepter de perdre contre des adversaires bien? Les deux ont tendance à être bon, il est votre choix.


Among emerging social media, Snapchat will probably be one of the stars of 2015. This application sharing photos and videos is simply effervescence. Snapchat is no longer just a platform for transmitting pictures to his friends.


A photo text communication platform and ephemeral video


In fact, Snapchat is now a platform that, yes, allows its users to send photos and videos, but it can also be used in video conference mode and create a story (Story) photo video and text that will be visible for 24 hours. In recent weeks, it is even possible to view the latest news from CNN, People, National Geographic and Daily Mail on a new service that is called Snapchat Discover.


Snapchat statistics




Some statistics


Did you know that Snapchat is more than 100 million monthly active users and that 70% of users are between 13 and 25 years? The Story is viewed over a billion times a day and over 750 million ephemeral images are sent daily on Snapchat servers (source BI Intelligence).


social media service offering Benoit Descary


Although Snapchat is widely used by youth 13-25 years, nothing prevents you from using that platform. Even if you do not fit the target age group ;-). For example you can use it as a fleeting photo service to share photos during a trip, a party or a social event.


So here are some tips to help you get started on Snapchat (these tips are connected to iPhone):


Make sure Snapchat has access to the photos on your iPhone


Make sure Snapchat has access to the photos on your iPhone


Go to Settings – Privacy – Photos. Give Snapchat access to your photos. Then come back to Settings and select Snapchat in the list of applications. They are listed alphabetically and select Photos.


Use the extension of Snapchat to share your photos from the Photos app


You can share a photo on Snapchat from the Photos application. Go to Photo, select the photo you want to publish and then on the “Share”. It will do more than select Snapchat.


Use the extension of Snapchat to share your photos from the Photos app


If the extension of Snapchat is not enabled, press the three horizontal issues that appear to the right of the last extension. In the list, activate Snapchat.


Add text to your photos


To add text to your photos, press the button depicted not the letter T. If T icon is not displayed, press the left of the pen display.


Snapchat add text on a photo


If you press again on the letter T will get a font larger characters. Note that you can later move, rotate and enlarge the font.


Draw in white and black


Snapchat offers a tool that allows you to draw on your photo. Oddly, you can select a multitude of colors except white and black.


Snapchat draw in white and noi


You can turn white by sliding your finger from the color palette to the left end of the screen.


For black, slide your finger from the end of the color palette to the bottom of the screen.


Create a story with “My Story”


Stories or “Story” on Snapchat correspond to a series of pictures (Snap) you publish in “My Story”. These stories are accessible for a period of 24 hours. Before creating your first “Story”, go to settings and select “View My Story”.


Send a photo to My Story




Here, you can choose to make your stories public, open only to your friends or customize access.


To add photos to your “Story” take your Snap (photo), change the image and press the icon represented not a square that includes a plus symbol. Your photo will be added to your history. At any time, you can update your story.


Display time and apply filters to your photos

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Once you have entered your shot, slide your finger left or right. Will toggle from one filter to another. Oh yes, it is also possible to superimpose the time and temperature.


Use the QR code to add new friends


Did you know that Snapchat incorporates a QR code that can quickly add people who are close to you as friends? Press the ghost icon located at the top of your screen.


Snapchat QR code to add friends


The yellow and white image of the ghost that appears on the screen is actually a QR code. Your contact will only have to take a photo of your QR code from Snapchat to add you as a friend.


Stay informed with Snapchat Discover


Snapchat adds a new section to its iOS and Android apps that is called Discover. It is somehow a portal of information and entertainment that is renewed daily.


Snapchat discover


Discover on the proposed content is not produced by Snapchat but rather by partners. You will find brand channels like CNN, MTV, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, Food Network, National Geographic and Yahoo News. Discover You can access by pressing the purple button that appears in the top right corner of the screen “Stories”.