Aegis, A Fire protection companies in Florida

Everything that we own today is special and has meaning attached to it. If asked the first thing that you would grab in the event of a fire, it would be hard to choose a single item. Everything is precious and you would want to protect everything that you have. In such times, you look for the very best fire protection companies in Florida and hope to find the ones that you can trust with your life. Aegis is the one that you are looking for.


AEGIS Fire and Integrated Services is a fire protection company that is based in Florida, USA. They are one of the give top rated fire alarm corporation in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Aegis is a Greek name that was given to the shield of Zeus, the God of the Gods himself. Symbolically, the name itself talks of protection against dangerous and that is precisely what the company wishes to offer to its client, protection at all costs.


With everything so dear and near to you, we understand your concern to protect what is the closest to you, your family. Aegis is name that is famous as one of the very best fire protection companies in Florida. There are a lot of services that we have to offers, like

Sprinklers: IN the unlucky event of a fire, our sprinklers are with sensitive smoke detectors that shall douse the fire with water.

Fire System Backflow Preventers: The event of a fire can result in a lot of damage and we provide you with a fool proof protective system from burst waterlines of the municipality.

Fire Extinguishing Devices: we provide to our clients with world class extinguishers

Alarms: During a fire, our brilliant and trustworthy monitors will ensure that you are notified as soon as possible

Aegis is here to make sure that when you are looking for fire protection companies in Florida, ours will be the one that keeps you safe and secure. Our world class teams of engineers and scientists are always on the edge of their chairs to make our technology and devices the very best to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Contact us on (904) 215-9669 and make sure that you provide your family, or your business with the very best in the world. Do not compromise on life. Fire safety is not something that can be dealt with later on. Act now. Contact us and secure your happiness!