All You Need To Know Before Applying For Temporary Work Permit Australia

Australia is a beautiful country that everyone would want to visit. Since it is one of the greatest tourist destination in the world, it has many beautiful buildings, places, beaches, natural scenic beauty, delicious food, melodious music and a lot more that attracts people from all over the globe. It is the host to many million people who come to visit per year. The reasons to plan a trip to the country may be different for different people. They may be the tourists who want to explore the beauty of the place or businessmen who wish to expand their business further in the country, but the most important thing that they need is a visa.

Legal classification of visas in Australia

A visa is a permit, a non-resident needs before entering a country. The government in Australia has classified the visas into different types depending upon the nature and duration of the visit. The categories are-

  • Tourist visas– Short term visas for tour and travel purposes.
  • Transit visas– Given to people who will be staying for a while in the country and are valid for 72 hours.
  • Working holiday visas– For people who want to work along with travelling for a short period of time.
  • Business visas– For business delegates who have established businesses in Australia.
  • Student visas– For non-resident students enrolled in local universities.
  • Skilled migration– Permanent migration permits.

People who wish to work here for a short period of time on non-permanent basis will need to have Australia temporary work skilled visa subclass- 457.

Temporary work permit or subclass 457 visa

Subclass 457 is the simplest and the most common kind of visa which is used when people who are not the permanent residents of the country wish to join a job there. The visa is specially made for the employers to allow them to hire employees in their companies who have relevant skills and qualifications but are not a local resident. It is also favored by the government as it is a temporary work permit Australia that allows the person to stay only as long as he is employed and gets expired when he exits the work. Obtaining this type of visa is simple and easy and requires just a little knowledge.

Steps in the process

  • Firstly, the sponsor or the employer who is providing the work visa has to get himself approved.
  • Second, the job for which the worker is being hired is approved for nomination process.
  • And at the third and the last step, the applicant’s application is approved and visa is provided.

There is also a certain amount of fee prescribed for all the above processes. There are different sponsorship application charges, nomination fee and visa application charges that are needed to be paid in order to obtain a visa. A certain processing time is taken by the issuing authority which may be up to 4 weeks. Apart from that, the duration for which the sponsorship is valid is up to 3 years. Knowing points like these can make your visa application process simple and less complex.