best biometric gun safe


Biometric gun safes have become very popular due to the rising need for protection in an ever growing violent society. But should these gun safes be made only for handguns? Most people are of the impression that biometric gun safes are always made for small handguns, but the reverse is the case for the best full size biometric gun safes on the market. This article is aimed at outlining the best full size biometric gun safes on the market. When you decide to go shopping for a gun case, do not hesitate to check out the following gun cases:


best biometric gun safe

The BARSKA large biometric gun safe is one of the best gun cases for the big guns in the market. The Barska model AX11650 is a big, wide and deep box that has the ability to secure multiple handguns and rifles, including other valuables. The safe features adjustable and safe shelving for items with different size specifications. This full size safe accompanies completely flexible interior segments, a covered floor, and two keys available for optional access. Estimations of the size of the safe are as per the following: 14X13x19.75 inches. The Unique finger impression memory function has the ability to hold 120 distinctive ID prints, and the unit is flame resistant. The fact that the safe is fireproof makes it a very good choice. Unlike a vehicle safe that do not need to be fire resistant need, this big full-size rifle and oversize handgun storage are fire resistant.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe: This is also an innovative and aesthetically attractive, safe and a very effective choice for those looking to purchase big gun safes. Although it is not fireproof, it offers a Quick Access Function and is a long gun safe, it is also designed to keep heavy duty field or ranch guns out of the reach of the little children at home. This effective big gun safe is built for safeguarding general purpose rifles and shotguns in a safe location. This good, safe uses biometric security systems and is made of steel materials for a strong door that is impenetrable. Using the trademark design of Barska safe systems, this safe is accompanied by two Allen keys that are put in place incase event they are needed. It also features hardware for mounting which are included if the safe is going to be mounted on the wall or on the floor.