Five benefits of spiral ducts

Traditionally, ductwork for heating and ventilation systems has tended to be rectangular in shape. However, this can look unsightly, be expensive and complex to install and have other problems.

But ducts are an essential part of many buildings – especially commercial ones. However, square or rectangular isn’t the only choice of shape – there is an alternative in the form of spiral ducts and these have some key advantages to offer.

Here’s looking at you

One of the large blessings of spiral ducts compared to rectangular ones is their easy installation. they’ll be routed around roof supports and structural framing, and since they’re obtainable in long sections, they typically want fewer support brackets than alternative varieties. The inherent strength of the planning implies that materials are agent, which suggests they’re lighter and easier to move and handle. You might think that ducting is purely utilitarian and needs to be hidden wherever possible. Spiral ducts, though, can have quite an attractive appearance and architects often choose to leave them exposed. They can be finished to stand out from the environment to become a feature, or to blend in if you prefer.

Material world

Spiral ducts also come in a variety of different materials. They can be galvanized steel, stainless-steel, aluminium or even plastic. They can also be painted or coated in different finishes so they can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Easy installation

One of the big advantages of spiral ducts compared to rectangular ones is their ease of installation. They can be routed around roof supports and structural framing, and because they are available in long sections, they often need fewer support brackets than other types. It’s also easier to joint sections together and those sections can be sealed more effectively to prevent leakage.

The inherent strength of the design means that materials can be thinner, which means they’re lighter and easier to transport and handle.

Lower operating costs

As well as being cheaper to install, spiral ducts can be cheaper to run too. Thanks to lower leakage and optimal airflows, the plant and fans won’t have to work as hard, saving you energy. The smooth interior of a spiral duct also means it traps less dust and contaminants, so that means a healthier environment plus lower maintenance costs as the ducts are easier to clean.

Optional extras

A final advantage of spiral ducting is that there are a whole range of standard ductwork parts from a supplier such as These include T-joints, elbow sections, reducers, round to rectangular adapters and more.

The wide range of parts available means that many installations can be made with standard components without the need to fabricate custom sections.