Military diet, risks and key factors

The Internet is full of miracle diets that promise magical results in a short time, but what many people are unaware of are the risks they pose to health. Each season is born a new diet that becomes popular thanks to the indiscriminate dissemination of information carried out by social networks.

Due to this it is not a mystery that these types of diets rather than encouraging to create healthy eating habits are limited only to following a trend or fashion, which in many cases does not respond to the needs of each body.

The military diet is included in this group and it is one of which we must stay away to not have health problems. Also known as a three-day diet , it is a diet based on a strict calorie restriction during time intervals that consist of keeping us active three days of diet and four passive days where we can eat normally without exceeding a limit of calories. The results of this diet should be reasons for reflection, given that experts in the field advice to reduce from 2 to 5 kilos per month, while with this dangerous diet can lose 4 to 5 kilos per week. From this point we can see that it is a thinning technique that will provide us with more problems than benefits.

 Military diet, how does it work?

In this diet, meals and portions are carefully selected so that these foods interact with each other to accelerate the process of weight loss. Another important element to consider is that the rations imposed do not cover the caloric needs and much less provide enough nutrients. In this diet daily portions do not reach 1,000 calories, being necessary between 1,500 and 2,000 calories a day to keep the body healthy. To give you an idea this is the menu that we will ingest following this diet during the first day, dividing it in breakfast, lunch and dinner.


1 cup of coffee or caffeinated tea 1 toast and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (the example comes from the United States, logically) Half grapefruit Food 1 cup of coffee or caffeinated tea 1 toast Half a can of tuna


 1 piece of meat (any meat, the size should be like a deck of cards) 1 cup green beans 1 small apple Half banana 1 cup vanilla ice cream

Surely you have been quite amazed by the strange repertoire of dishes. On day two the menu changes a lot, but it follows a similar philosophy and on day three it is altered again. We can appreciate that it would be the typical diet that would cause a dietitian to take his hands to his head after listening to it.