Smart Resolution Converter Now for You Now

Movavi Video Converter will help you to convert, compress and optimize files for different devices in a couple of clicks.

Why even convert a video

If you exclude special cases, you can distinguish at least three common reasons to acquire a video converter.

To upload video to mobile devices in the optimal format

On mobile devices, as a rule, you can watch video only in several popular formats, and un-adapted videos on smartphones and tablets either do not start or slow down. Converters help to avoid such restrictions. Also, the compression method and file resolution play a role, so it’s important to choose a program with flexible settings, and ideally with presets for your devices.As a resolution converter this is the best option now.

To save space on your hard drive or in the cloud service

If the video has started, it does not mean that it is the most adapted for your device. It’s easy to guess that this quality is completely useless for a smartphone. The size of the video can be cut a dozen times, with no difference will not be noticeable, at least on the screen with a diagonal of 6 inches.If you constantly shoot video and store a solid gallery on your hard drive, Movavi Video Converter will save you from having to buy a new HDD or store memories on racks with blanks.

How to convert video to Movavi Video Converter

After adding a video, you need to select the appropriate format. If you optimize the file for another device, then you do not have to study the list of supported formats – just find the desired model in the list.Now you need to select the bitrate of the video using a special slider. The converter will inform in advance the file size at the output.

  1. Oblivion

The program from Movavi works with more than a dozen extensions and supports the compression codec H.265, which allows you to reduce the file size by half without loss of quality. A full list of formats is available on the website .

  1. Speed

Converting in most cases takes a few seconds, and the SuperSpeed ​​mode, available when working with some formats, allows you to process files even faster.

  1. Presence of the built in video editor

In Movavi Video Converter Premium, you can glue different videos, divide them into fragments and even conduct unpretentious color correction. You can also add subtitles or a watermark to the video.

  1. Working with audio

The program from Movavi can extract audio from video and supports many audio formats. This means that you do not need a separate converter for music.


Serious video editors are needed for complex projects and working with graphics. For everything else, Movavi Video Converter is a simple and fast program that will help you to convert video and make simple installation.