Motor Trade Insurance

The different types of motor trade insurance

Insurance is the one that keeps us tension relieved. They are the reason we can walk up the streets without worry. There are several self-employed people who require their car to make the business going. The Motor Trade Insurance saves them in case of several disaster and incidents that are not generally expected. Here are different insurance that every motor trader should be having.

Road Risk Only Motor Insurance

This policy is used to cover the vehicles that are used in the business. The Road Risk Only Motor Insurance covers you when the vehicle meets with an accident or some disaster. The insurer then pays for the damage caused because of the accident on the road. If you don’t take this insurance you can take the parts only cover. In this case, you will not be covered by the insurance if you are out on the road and meet with an accident.

Liability Cover

Motor Trade Insurance

If you have started a business and that require you to have your customers to come to the business workplace then you require the liability coverage. This is very beneficial as, if any person is out to visit your business place on the demand of the business and they injure themselves or meet with an accident they are sure to claim you for that. In such a case, this insurance is going to save you from any claims that are made in such a scenario. The liability cover saves you from any future loss. The person injured is sure to pull you to the court and demand high compensation for the damage. The cover would save you from a great financial loss that the employees would force on you because the incident happened on the way to your workplace.

Combined cover

The name itself defines what this Motor Trade Insurance is. This is the cover policy that is formed by combining the above two covers. This is a combined cover that puts in all the necessary covers as well as the added cover to keep you safe from any problems. This is the best one if you want to fully cover any kind of problems in the near future for you and your business.


These are the most basic types of motor trade insurances. You need to carefully decide the one that you should be signing in. The combined cover sounds best but this insurance is very expensive and so take your decision wisely.