This is Why Inns are Better than Hotels

If you’d ever stayed in an inn before, you probably wouldn’t be reading this or you would already know why inns are better than hotels!

There are many reasons why inns – also known as B&Bs or bed and breakfasts – are a better fit for most people, and today I want to do a quick rundown of those reasons.

  1. Inns are often in homes or in very small buildings

This makes you feel less intimidated than you might in a very large building with elevators and multiple stories.

  1. There are very little guests compared to hotels

There might only be a handful of other guests during your stay.

  1. B&Bs are often very clean
  1. Inns are decorated with the intention of making you feel at home

The furniture is made for comfort, there is unique decor in each room, and the few people working are there to cater to your needs.

  1. You’re likely to make friends from all over the world

The limited number of guests paired with a shared living room, kitchen, and outdoor space gives you plenty of chances to meet amazing people you may not have met had you lodged in a massive hotel.

  1. Inns are not generic like hotels

Inns are not commercial businesses, which means you aren’t staying in a plain building with a massive parking lot, dumpsters, and other major businesses immediately next door.

B&Bs all have their own personality and don’t make you feel like you’re staying in a plain room among hundreds of other guests whose rooms look identical to yours.

  1. The customer service is genuine

The person who checked you in is likely the person who made up your bed and will probably cook your breakfast the following morning. And that person will actually enjoy doing so.

There are very few employees at B&Bs, and since there are few guests, this makes your visit much more personal and genuine.

When you look at the bigger picture, there aren’t many reasons (or even one that I can think of) to choose a hotel over an inn.