Tips on buying a second – hand vehicle in Australia

Buying a second hand or used a vehicle from a dealer or an individual person can be a huge benefit to your pocket and easy to finance. But sometimes it might turn out to be a nightmare too. If the vehicle is not purchased from a trusted source and checked and tested properly before you buy then it can be a big financial burden to you. Also, used vehicles do not have a proper warranty and so if it starts to give problems few months after purchase then all you can do is bear the repair bills. Sometimes the vehicle might be in a condition that it might not be possible to repair also further at that time you can end up with a huge loss also.

Consider these tips before you buy a used vehicle in Australia —

  1. Get the vehicle checked properly before judging the price – there are several checks that can be done according to the VIN number of the vehicle in Australia. The most common ones are getting a vehicle history check or report and ppsr check. This PPSR check stands for personal property securities register check. This is important and helps you purchase cars, boats, or any other used vehicle from a genuine seller. You can also get details about the vehicle past history as well as the current condition of the vehicle by getting these reports. PPSR check gives information about the security interest attached to the vehicle. You must also get the papers of the car inspected. It is important to do all the checks of documents and in detail check of the vehicle before you buy.
  2. Do the papers transfer – you must do proper registration and transfer of documents from the seller so that he cannot claim ownership of the vehicle by any means in future. All the formalities according to the government rules must be fulfilled before making complete payment.
  3. Insurance transfer – if the vehicle has got insurance then you must get it transferred on your own name too.
  4. Take a proper drive – Do a test drive and get all the repairs and fixes of maintenance done to the vehicle before you pay the entire amount to the seller.