What do you know about the Automatic flagger devices?

A report from National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health shows that every year, nearly 100 workers are killed and additional 20000 workers are injured in the highway construction accidents. Yes, it is really a miserable fact and it needs to be changed. There is an only way to avoid these kinds of the problems which is to make visible the construction workers to the motorists. It is only possible by using the flaggers. For this purpose, the cones, flashing lights, barricades, flaggers and signs are used to prevent the vehicles from getting affected by the accidents. These tools are also updated with the latest technologies and automated flagger assistance device is one of such models and it is highly reliable to use on the highways.

Introduction to AFAD

The automated flagger assistance devices can be operated remotely to control the traffic temporarily. Since it has the highest visibility signals, it can be very effective to use. With the help of these automated devices, we can reduce the manual work like making a worker to hold the flag and signals for diverting the vehicles.

Normally, the flagger is being operated using the radio control unit or the cable directory connected to the AFAD. The main feature of this automated flagger is to enhance the safety of flaggers for maintaining the positive control of traffic approach.

There are some factors that affect the use of automated flagger assistance device and they are listed here.

  • Duration of work – These devices are normally used for short term bridge maintenance, guardrail repair and some other small works.
  • Placement of AFAD – It is often better to place the device within the shoulder of the road.
  • Volume of the traffic – Based on the model of the device, it can control the traffic counts.
  • Operational considerations of ADHD – There are two kinds of the AFADs are used in the work zone and they can be selected based on the environment.
  • Further state policies – Some states allow the use of AFADs and so you should check it out before using it.

When you are going to buy the devices, you should consider these things.